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buy eye make up

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I really freaking love playing with eyeshadow!!! It's wayyyyy too much fun. On a second thought though, I really wish I wore something instead of going topless. Damn. Ah well.

Today while I was with my bff Juliana, who has started to call me Zoltar [I love it!], we went into this little store, and I saw this dress that I really wanted to buy, not for a costume, but to actually wear while out, and I caught myself thinking, ah but I don't wear dresses anymore. Then I said, wait... fuck that. Why not? If I like it, think I'd look good in it, and dare I say... comfortable in it? Then fuck yeah, I'm gonna get it. It has been maybe hmm 5-6 months since I've worn a dress while out, and I honestly haven't had much of a desire to wear a dress but recently I've been thinking about it more, so I shall. I always worry that people would misinterpret me and my gender identity if I do this or that but I am over that. I am just going to do whatever the hell I want to do, and people can think whatever they want... funny thing is that for a split second as soon as I decided I'm going to start wearing dresses again whenever the urge hits, was that oh but I'm so hairy now? Then I scoffed, I'm gonna be a proud hairy beast in a dress, tight sports bra, and boots. That's what! Ha.

Now I'm going to have a shower because my eyes kinda hurt... and have a real meal, the jelly beans just won't do.



Ohhhh ! > ^ <;; .. Aiko's new wig is annoying .. It is bulky and really everywhere u -- u and it makes her sitting/standing pictures bad :/. though it is amazing quality, soft and really really lovely color. I bought it from Ebay and it was a DD wig so it was way long both bangs + tail and as I mentioned, rich in volume!. I end up taking 1/3 of it's length + trimmed her bangs and I think she look better now :).

buy eye make up

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buy eye make up

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